About us

‘Senderos de Mallorca’ came about due to a number of circumstances; from a personal need and enthusiasm to offer a service that was different. Denis Saro, an innate traveller and inquisitive polyglot, came to Majorca in 1994. He knows the island from previous jobs carried out in a variety of fields, both in the aeronautical and tourism sectors. Initially, he planned to be here for a week but this just seemed to go on and on. To such an extent, in fact, that it has become his permanent place of residence. For him, Majorca is a geographical enclave that is by its essence the dream place for his interior peace, and from a professional point of view, the nerve centre of his work.

In 1999 and after having worked for some of the most prestigious hotel chains, he decided to take part in the 2nd edition of the “Awards for Enterprising Ideas” held by the Calvia Town Hall. His idea consisted of making visitors aware of the other side of Majorca; its hidden walks, its people, its culture and its gastronomy. All these experiences are conveyed through hill walking.

A loving look to the past lets us appreciate how that idea has led to a network of over 50 professionals in all sectors and, above all, has consolidated us as a company that covers activities aimed at companies and groups as well as private individuals. Our experience allows us to offer competitive prices and more than anything else, to guarantee personalised service.

Our organisation’s greatest asset can be found in the magnificent team which is made up of professionals from several areas. This team is not just based on specific knowledge in each area, rather in a personal friendship, a link of trust that allows us to work in a co-ordinated way, always with the same aim – turning your dream into reality!